Honeycomb Toffee / Sponge Candy / Hokey Pokey Candy

One of my favorite candy or chocolate of all time. Chocolate covered honeycomb candy!! I grew up eating it as a kid and was always fascinated by its soft crispiness that dissolves in your mouth. Who knew it was so easy to make with just 3 simple ingredients available in the kitchen ? This recipe is very easy. Give it a go, and you will never turn to a store bought one again.

Yield: 20-25 medium sized pcs
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Setting Time: 1 hour

  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup honey ( or substitute with maple syrup or golden syrup or corn syrup )
  • 1 tsp water
  • 1 and 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • Food Thermometer if you have it
  • A greased or lined tray


It is important to reach the hard candy stage for the melting sugar. This happens at a temperature of 300 - 310 F. If you do not have a thermometer,  to check if you have reached the correct temperature, take a small amount of the hot sugar syrup using a spoon and drop it into very cold water. If it forms hard and brittle threads that are easy to break, then it is done. For me, this happened approximately 3 minutes after the bubbles started forming.

Also, always keep the flame on medium.

Store them in the refrigerator.


1.  Get all your ingredients measured and ready.

2. Pour sugar, honey and water in a pot and mix till it comes together.

3. Put the pot medium high heat and let the mixture melt, stirring once.

4. After a minute you will start to see bubbles. After this point, do not stir. Let the mixture boil for 3 minutes. ( Set a timer if you dont have a thermometer ).

5. If using a food thermometer, the temperature should reach between 300F-305F ( 150 C ).

6. Once the temperature has reached between 300-305F....turn off the flame and immediately add the baking soda. ( As soon as you add the soda, you will see a lot of bubbles ).

7. Mix it nicely for a minute or until it reaches a dark yellow color.

8. Pour into the greased tray immediately.

9. Let it set for one hour.

10. After it has set, cut or break into desired shapes or sizes.
11. Enjoy the honeycomb just like that or dipped in dark chocolate.



idlevillager said...

Looks so yummy

Priya Dadhich said...

Tried them,Turns out great ! ❤️

Neha said...

I am glad you liked them 😊