Dulce De Leche

 Dulce De Leche is Spanish for 'Sweet made of milk', and also known as caramelized milk.

It is a confection from Latin America prepared by slowly heating sugar and milk for several hours. The resulting product is a sauce-like rich flavorful caramel colored dessert.

Its taste can be described is similar to butterscotch. This creamy milk based caramel has an amazing taste that is luxurious and delectable. It has a beautiful nutty color and depth of flavor. Its thick, creamy consistency is perfect for spreading or to top or fill other desserts like cakes, cookies. crepes and ice-cream. 

Just follow the recipe exactly and the results will be awesome.


1. For darker Dulce De Leche cook for 3 hours

2. For lighter color 2- 2.5 hours is enough

3. Use a sealed can of sweetened condensed milk only, do not use an opened can.

4. Perfect topping for any dessert.


  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk


1. Remove the wrapper from the condensed milk

2. Place the closed can of condensed milk in a deep pan filled with warm water

3. Once the water starts boiling,simmer(keep on low flame) for 2-3 hours.

Make sure the can is always submerged in water for the entire process, otherwise it can burst, use a deep pan and fill with lots of water.

Add water in between if you have to!

4. Take it out,let it come to room temperature completely before opening!!!

Delicious goodness is ready!!