Pickled Red Onions

Want to jazz up your next meal ? Add pickled red onions to it. Pickling mellows the sharpness of the onions ideal for topping in a variety of foods.
They are tangy, sweet and are the best way to give almost any dish bright pop of flavor and color.
I really think they give an immediate lift of flavor and texture to any bowl of salad, sandwiches, burritos, curries and many more.

Make a batch of your own and you will realize what I mean! You only need a few ingredients and just about five minutes to make them. They give so much depth of flavor and brighten up any dish. The gorgeous pink color comes naturally as the onions pickle which is so pretty to see.

You will always find a jar of pickled red onions in my refrigerator, we just cant do without it, heehee!!
Countless ways to customize as you like, and endless foods to use them on.

So lets get started with this quick and easy recipe.



1. Any choice of whole spices work here. ( peppercorns, chilli flakes, coriander seeds )

2. Their is no fixed quantity of dry spices. Adjust for your liking.

3. Want to make it garlicky ? Add a clove or two of sliced garlic.

4. Want to make it spicy ? Add fresh peppers.

5. No need to boil the liquid. We just want sugar and salt dissolved

6. Slice onions thick if you prefer the crunch. It will take longer to pickle them.

7. Similarly you can pickle any vegetable of your choice (cucumber,carrots, radish,beets)


  • 1 Mason jar ( any glass jar with a tight lid ). I have used a 16 oz

  • 1 large onions

  • 1 cup water

  • 1 cup white vinegar

  • 2 tsp salt

  • 1 tsp sugar (optional)

  • Some black pepper corns, chilli flakes / any whole spice you like ( optional )


1. Peel and cut the onions into very thin slices.

2. Place the sliced onions in the jar along with whole spices  ( if you are adding ) . Pack the jar fully with onions.

3. In a pan mix water, vinegar,salt,sugar. Heat it for a minute till the sugar has dissolved ( no need for boiling )

4. Pour the prepared brine ( liquid ) over the onions to the top ( all the onions should be covered )

5. Close the lid and shake it nicely

6. Place in the refrigerator for minimum 1-2 hours...pickles are ready!!
They stay good in the refrigerator upto 2-3 weeks

The nice pink color would come next day and over the days as the onions pickle more.



Prof. Sanjay said...

Wow it looks nice and yummy.
Innovative idea.Gr8👍

Neha said...

Thank you!!!